Can my management require a staff to use the EAP?

I am an employer who has contracted with Aspen’s EAP. Can a supervisor or a member of my management team require an employee to use EAP services?

Yes they can.

There are three types of referrals to the EAP: Formal supervisory referral, informal supervisory referral and self/family/coworker referral. A formal supervisory referral is when a supervisor has identified a problem that is affecting the employee’s job performance. In order to address this problem appropriately, the supervisor requires that the employee goes to the EAP for an assessment.

If an employee identifies a problem that he/she is having that is affecting work and/or personal life, the employee can go to his/her supervisor with the concern and the supervisor can suggest
that the employee arranges an assessment with the EAP. This is an informal supervisory referral.
Also, employees and their families can get an assessment at Aspen without supervisory input.