I’m interested in contracting with Aspen EAP. What do I need to do?

Step One
Call Aspen at 815.399.9700 and notify the receptionist that you are an employer who may be interested in utilizing our EAP services.  An Aspen representative will speak with you to better assess the needs of your organization. We will develop a customized plan/proposal that will address your needs.

Step Two
We will meet to review the proposal/agreement. If you contract our services, implementation can begin almost immediately. Our goal is to ensure that both managers and employees are familiar with all of our services, as well as how to access them in an easy and time-sensitive manner.

Step Three
Regular updates, newsletters, utilization reports and corporate trainings will begin.  Aspen EAP representatives will be available to discuss and answer any concerns or questions you or your staff may have. Our goal is to provide individualized and comprehensive company care and excellent customer service.