Is there statistical evidence of ROI of EAPs?

Yes. Many government and employment entities have done research on services offered by EAPs and how they impact the workplace and job performances. Following are a few:

  • An EAP that is aligned with organizational values and vision will measurably enhance business operations, the overall employee experience and the community perceptions of the company. A well-run EAP will provide a positive ROI (EAP Workgroup, 2007).
  • One study showed that when EAP services were provided to employees, work loss was avoided in 60% of cases with an average savings of 17 hours per case. 72% of these cases showed improved work productivity with an average gain of 43% (Attridge, M., 2001).
  • Companies have reported a savings of $116 per employee in healthcare-related costs as a result of EAP utilization (EAPA Facts, 2000).
  • If 5% of employees used the EAP, the potential monetary savings would be 3.45% of payroll for absenteeism and improved productivity (Employee Assistance Report, 2001).
  • Employers who utilize their EAP at the front end of their managed care system as the gatekeeper for their mental health and chemical dependency benefits reported savings up to 50% (Reach, EAP & Workplace Solutions).
  • Research shows a 20-30% increase in chemical dependency treatment and mental health intervention effectiveness as a result of comprehensive screening through an EAP (EAP Association Exchange, 2001).