Why do I need an EAP?

Aspen’s comprehensive EAP program helps you manage your most valuable resource—your staff. We understand that it is more expensive and time consuming to hire a new employee than to retain one. Stress is a major concern for employers and managers, and mental health issues and substance use continue to be leading causes of illness and lost productivity for employers. Our goal is to assist you in managing the impact of your employee’s personal problems in relationship to job performance in a cost-effective manner. We strive to increase the well-being of your employees through our counseling services, which will in turn, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and retention.

Not only do we offer services to your employees, we also support your management team.  We address ongoing employee challenges, train supervisors, orient employees, facilitate on-site workshops and address other organizational concerns. Recognizing that your organization has specific needs, we will customize a plan for you.