How do I begin the intervention process?

Aspen’s interventionists are ready to assist you and your family through this important step to help your loved one begin the recovery process.

Following are steps of an Aspen intervention:

  1. Contact Aspen by phone (815. 399.9700) or by email ( to inquire about an intervention.
  2. We will schedule a meeting with you and one of our interventionists to discuss the nature of the problem, your goals and hopes and how you and your support network can prepare for the intervention.
  3. You and the interventionist will put together a plan of action for the intervention.
  4. You and your family will decide on what consequences will be in place should your loved one decline any help.
  5. A plan will be developed for the family to work on repairing itself.

A note on interventions

An intervention can be an emotional event for everyone involved.  Anger, sadness, fear and apprehension are common emotions experienced during an intervention. This why the planning session is important; it prepares the family for all aspects of the intervention, including their emotions and their loved one’s responses.

Not all interventions go as planned; some are good for short-term change, while others may require multiple meetings before the loved one agrees to seek help.  Aspen’s interventionists will work with you through the entire process.