What is an intervention?

The purpose of an intervention is to attempt to get a loved one to seek professional help for an addiction or a mental health disorder.  An intervention usually involves family and friends and an interventionist. It is conducted in a relaxing but formal setting.

Aspen’s interventionists can assist the family by facilitating intervention sessions and preparing the family on how to lovingly confront the behavior of a loved one in a uniform manner. Interventions have traditionally been used for substance use dependence but also can be applied to other addictions, as well as certain behavioral problems.

Addictions greatly impact families. An intervention allows family members to gather and tell their loved one how his/her behavior has affected the family and reiterate that the individual needs to seek help. An intervention is not the time for family members to vent their frustration at their loved one;
it is a time to relay concerns and consequences in an effort to change the person’s life.